Capital, Labour, and the Middle Classes Nicholas Abercrombie

ISBN: 9780962203633

Published: January 1st 1991


208 pages


Capital, Labour, and the Middle Classes  by  Nicholas Abercrombie

Capital, Labour, and the Middle Classes by Nicholas Abercrombie
January 1st 1991 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 208 pages | ISBN: 9780962203633 | 3.14 Mb

Not all parents will find this to be all they need, but every parent needs to know how to praise in the way described in this book. You will learn how to praise in a manner that will change behavior. Praise might seem easy and obvious, but there is a skill to it. It is not only a matter of phrasing, but also timing. Within 3 days of using the methods from this book I noticed changes.Ill share the basic premise. You categorize your childs behaviors into desirable (getting dressed, saying thank you), undesirable (annoying behaviors such as whining, talking back), and intolerable (harmful behaviors such as hitting, riding bike into the street).

You praise the desirable, ignore the undesirable, and punish the intolerable. However, I do disagree to some extent on the ignoring strategy. There are times when our child is behaving poorly because they desperately need our attention and ignoring them could make them feel insecure. Learn to know your child and try to look at the emotions driving their behavior. And when you punish be sure to let them know you love them to pieces even when you dont like their choices.If you are a parent please take some time to read this book.

It will boost their confidence, give your child a better sense of how to please you, and ultimately enhance your relationship with your child.And always remember the positive to negative interaction ratio in any relationship should be 10:1!

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